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Pay By Text.TO

Pay a bill by text. Using our software, a payment link is sent to a mobile number. The client can pay on their phone without the need to download an app.


Quikpay.TO only offers our service to resellers, VARS and ISO's. We offer compelling technology with an easy to use interface and very competitive pricing which allows you another revenue opportunity.


You can customize the look of your custom payment page (Colors, Fonts and more), upload your logo, set merchant specific settings. Enable tips and suggested tips and so much more!

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Our API makes it a snap to quickly generate either QR codes that work with the Quikpay.TO platform or to send a properly configured SMS message with a payment link.

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Using our secure solution allows you the ability to offer a secure hosted payment page and keep your platform out of scope. We never store any payment details on our platform.

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Admin Portal

We make it a breeze to add, modify or remove merchants under your account. You can customize each merchant under your account to reflect their look and feel, customize their settings.

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Quikpay partners with leading technology companies to bring you our QR/SMS technology. A few of our partners appear below.


This section is protected and limited to resellers. Please contact Quikpay.TO support to request our API specifications. If you are an existing reseller this information is available in the admin portal.

Contact Us

Quikpay.TO only offers our service to Resellers. If you need direct support please contact the reseller and /or merchant who you used our service through.

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